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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good Luck Minimergency® Kit

These are the 16 things that any woman must have in her bag to solve all kind of emergencies that happen to us all the time.  
The Good Luck Minimergency Kit is suggested by Ms.&Mrs. and I found it so amazing and useful (and cheap!!).

1. Hairspray
2. Clear Nail Polish
3. Nail Polish Remover
4. Emery Board
5. Lip Balm
6. Earring Backs
7. Clear Elastics
8. Sewing Kit
9. Double-Sided Tape
10. Stain Remover
11. Deodorant Towelette
12. Pain Reliever
13. Tampon
14. Breath Freshener
15. Dental Floss
16 Adhesive Bandages.